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Dr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta
Jun 28, 2023
In Share Your Memory
  I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to the late Prof. Franson D. Manjali, my Ph.D. supervisor and advisor throughout my time at JNU. I came to JNU with only a hazy understanding of the language. Like most others, I thought of language in its most basic sense, as a means of exchanging ideas and information and expressing oneself to others. When I began my MA (Linguistics) studies in 2010, Prof. Manjali was the very first professor I had ever encountered. I owe my interest in linguistics to him. I was taken aback because his interpretation of language was so different from mine. Instead, it was an abstract concept that went beyond the comprehension of the average person. In addition, I'd like to bring forth the instance of a panel discussion that was held at ICOLSI 37 in the year 2015, entitled "Language and Identity." The central topic of debate was, of course, the nature of language itself. Professor Manjali mocked the prevailing view held by the majority of his colleagues, who were driven by a grammatical-logical notion. That event opened my eyes to the fact that there are competing theories on the nature of language. My entire JNU experience was filled with the thrill of seeking the difference between dichotomies, not only in language but also in technology. This dichotomous worldview is reflected in my doctoral dissertation.   Prof. Manjali and his thoughts have been magnifying my inquisitiveness…leading to a never-ending chase for the truth…ridiculing the truth of the truth itself. Thanks to Sir, I was able to bring forth a broader understanding of the ‘Language’ itself, and to connect with almost every aspect of human existence: the world—cognitive as well as Physical, Society, Rationality, Polity, and many more…. Sir…we will miss you forever.   Regards, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta

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